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Social media is a powerful tool to drive website traffic but is not always used properly. Because of that, many people have failed to see any type of success with it. To avoid being one of those people, you need to be more intentional and plan a strategy that helps you utilize social media as an effective way to drive web traffic consistently.

You should also understand how to engage, content types, ways to promote content and the many benefits of using social media because people are more likely to revisit your content if it's relatable, interesting and meets their needs.

Benefits of Using Social Media

The benefits of using social media to drive website traffic are:

1) It is free and easy: You have access to thousands of potential customers at your fingertips. The more you build a presence online, the more likely they are to find you. It is also a great way for businesses to build relationships with their customers and generate leads when they choose not to spend money on advertising.

2) You get immediate feedback: People will post their comments, reviews and thoughts about your business on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If someone has an issue with your business, they will let everyone know about it by posting a negative comment about your company. A great customer service could prevent this otherwise, use this information to improve your business.

3) It's fun: People love interacting with other people on social media sites so why not interact with them through social media? Social media gives you the opportunity to connect with people in a casual way that does not feel like work. Connecting with people increases your network of potential customers.

Engage with Your Target Audience

It is important that you understand what the target audience is looking for. One of the best ways to do this is by engaging with them on social media and other platforms.

1. Create a blog that is relevant to your business and your target audience: Write about topics that are relevant to your audience and make sure you include links to your other related websites in each post. This will help you expand your reach and build an audience of loyal readers who trust you.

2. Be consistent with posting content on a regular basis: When you're consistent and constantly create value, people will always engage your post.

3. Use the social media sites that are most popular with your target audience: For instance, virtual assistants are mostly found on Facebook and majority of blockchain developers are on Discord. Creating a blockchain content on Facebook would get very few engagement and same goes for a virtual assistant content on a Discord group. Know where your target audience are.

Types of Content to Post on Social Media

Content is king, but you need to know how to create it. You need to know what kind of content will be effective for driving traffic to your website and getting people to engage with your brand.

There are many different types of content you can share on social media and each one has its own purpose. Here are the most popular types of content you should be sharing on social media:

Videos: Videos are the most powerful type of content to post on social media. They’re great for showing off your brand’s personality, making a personal connection with your audience, and driving website traffic.

Reels: Reels are short films that show how your product works or what it's made from. They're great for demonstrating how something works in action or how a process works. Reels are also increasing their popularity, and a great way to grow your social media following quickly.

Posts: This can be a picture, graphics, gifs, etc that are related to your brand.

Carousels: Carousels are multiple posts that the viewer can slide through to look at the different images to learn more information.

Promote Your Content

  1. Create a blog post about your business and share it on social media. You can also use the RSS feed provided by WordPress to promote the latest news in your blog.

  2. Create an infographic with all of the most important points of your business and share it on social media.

  3. Share an article from another website that talks about you or something similar to what you do. This will help build links back to you!

You can promote your content using (promos, blog posts, services, affiliate links, etc) in order to drive website traffic.

For instance, you can offer a free trial of your product or service to attract site visitors to sign up for it.

You could also offer a free report on the topic of your choice as an incentive for people to sign up for your newsletter.

Are You Utilizing Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Site?

In a nutshell, social media has become a vast and important part of marketing for many businesses. It is useful in attracting new customers, building brand awareness, expanding promotion opportunities and for driving quality leads to your website. It's also a great way to reach out to customers who are already familiar with your products or services.

Looking for help getting your website updated? Contact me today so we can discuss how I can help design your website.


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