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Delegate Tasks or Hire A VA, Business Growth Solution

Working long hours?

Do you feel like you never have time to do the things you love?

Are you feeling like you are working really hard but not seeing any growth in your business?

You need to delegate tasks to others on your team or find a Virtual Assistant (VA) to help you.

Delegate Tasks

Challenges of Delegating Tasks

Handing tasks over to someone on your team can be HARD.

Delegation is difficult because it requires trusting others. It can be hard to trust others when you are feeling overwhelmed with your workload.

Oftentimes, it can be difficult because we may have a lack of confidence that someone else will do the project to the same standards as we would.

Fear of failure can also lead to the inability to hand over tasks to others.

Benefits of Delegating Tasks

Delegating allows you to expand the amount of work you can deliver.

It takes a huge burden off of you and decreases feeling overwhelmed.

By delegating, you will be able to focus on the tasks you enjoy doing.

You are also developing your skills as a leader because it gives you experience managing others.

Your business will have increased communication because you and your team will have more communication opportunities throughout the delegation process.

Saving time is also a great perk of assigning tasks to others. Since time is often the most valuable resource for any business, being able to efficiently use your time is something you should strive for.

Hire A VA

If you don't have a large enough team or someone with your preferred skill set to delegate to, consider hiring a VA.

Virtual assistants can be a secret weapon for your business!

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is an individual who provides supportive services to your business from a remote location.

Hiring a VA has quickly become a popular option because of the demand for entrepreneurs who need help but don't want to spend money on adding a member of staff.

Oftentimes, a VA can do anything that another support staff might do.

There are many avenues in which a virtual assistant can support your business.

Administrative tasks are one of the most common tasks which VA's are hired for.

Social media management is another area in which VA's can provide support.

You can hire a VA for many support services such as website building/management, bookkeeping, customer experience, creative writing, and more!

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

When you hire a VA instead of a staff member, you are reducing costs. VA's work remotely, which does not require them to come into your office building. Overhead costs also are reduced because you are not having to worry about providing benefits to your VA.

You will see increased efficiency by outsourcing tasks, which allows you to focus on other areas of your business.

Most VA's do not work the traditional 9-5 hours which gives you access to the possibility of 24/7 availability from your VA.

A lot of VA's come with a vast array of skills and experiences. When you hire a VA, you are not only receiving the skills you hired them for. You are also gaining access to their knowledge from working with other businesses.

Tips for Handing Your Tasks to Others

  • Clearly state your desired outcome for the project/task.

  • Write a list of tasks to delegate.

  • Communicate one can read your mind.

  • Check that the person understands your expectation of the assignment.

  • Pick the right person who you think can manage the tasks you hand off to them.

  • Establish a time frame. Make sure everyone is clear about when each portion of the work should be completed by.

Time To Watch Your Business Soar!

Hopefully, you now feel more at ease with delegating your tasks or hiring a VA to help you.

Once you have written down the tasks you need to outsource, I encourage you to acquire help for those areas.

You will then be able to sit back and watch your business grow!


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