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6 Signs It’s Time To Rebrand Your Website

Is your website not doing as well as you had hoped? Are you embarrassed to send people to your website to learn more about what you offer? These are signs it’s time to rebrand your website.

The first thing that often comes to mind is that your company has been in business for a while and you don't see any growth. This is usually because all of your efforts have been focused on keeping the current branding of your website. If a website isn't performing as well as you would like, rebranding it is an option you should consider.

Rebranding a website can be an effective way to increase traffic and sales. However, it's important to get the rebranding process right if you want to see results.

Still unsure if rebranding your website is right for your business? Here are six signs that indicate when it might be time to call it quits on an existing site and rebrand.

#1. You Are Still Using The Same Logo And Colors As Before

Those who have not yet moved on to a new logo and color palette are often reluctant to invest in a rebranding project. You may feel like you

have no other choice but to stick with what you already have since it’s all that you know. But this can be a big mistake especially since you're working as an established brand.

You should have your logo and color scheme, but if you’re still using the same ones as before, then it could mean that you don't agree with what you're trying to sell or how you want to put your website to use. If this is the case, then it's time for a change!

#2. The Site Hasn’t Been Updated In Years

This one is pretty simple: any website that hasn't been updated in years and even months is already due for an update! Websites without regular updates tend to lose traffic and rankings over time, which means that you won't get the results you want unless you make some changes or rebrand soon.

#3. There’s No Online Presence For The Brand At All

You might be thinking that this is not a sign of needing a rebrand, but think about it.

If there is no online presence for your brand at all, you are invisible to potential customers and clients. Even if people know about the company and its services, they won’t be able to find them easily unless something has changed.

An important sign that you need a rebrand is when you see people searching for information about the company but finding nothing on Google or other search engines.

#4. You Are Targeting A New Audience

If you've been targeting a new audience thinking that's what your brand needs, it might be time to retract. Find out what your "old" audience prefers and what type of content they like to read and engage with, then create a new design that appeals to them more than the current one does.

When your website needs rebranding, you need a new look that reflects the audience, message, and goals. Once you have determined what rebranding looks like for your business, then it's time to get started on the project by taking some steps toward creating it.

#5. Your Brand Doesn’t Appeal to Your Audience’s Emotions

Does your brand inspire, motivate, or cheer up your audience? If it does, you’ll usually see a lot of engagement on social media, plenty of shares and comments, positive reviews, and, of course, good sales. If not, well, you may have a problem. If it doesn’t, it’s time to make an emotional connection with your customers by rebranding your website to appeal to their emotions and meet their needs.

#6. Your Website Isn’t Performing Well

When we talk about your website performing well we are talking about what your metrics look like.

Is your website utilizing SEO keywords and ranking on Google in order to bring in traffic organically? Are you utilizing blogs and updating your content each month in order to keep content fresh on your website? If you answered no to these questions, you need to get a rebrand and utilize a web designer who offers monthly maintenance

to take care of these things for you (like me!).

Is It Time To Rebrand Your Website?

Rebranding your website yourself can be time-consuming and you may even just push it to the side because you feel like you don’t have the skills to do it effectively. I encourage you to stop your DIY website design plans and instead schedule a call with me so we can chat about what rebranding your website would look like and help your branding get back on track to help your business continue to thrive.


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