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6 Key Features Your Homepage Should Have

The homepage is the first thing someone sees when they go to your website.

Website homepage design is essential to a site’s success, and this means including all the key elements from the get-go.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to six of the most common elements in website homepage design, why you should include them, and how to do it the right way.

Check out these 6 key features your homepage should have!

Let’s talk homepage features!

Logo and Branding

I included logo and branding elements together since they do go hand in hand.

Almost every website you go to has a logo. A logo is a way for people to recognize and remember your brand. You may even recognize a lot of business from their logos alone, which shows you the power of branding!

Logo placement is essential because your logo allows your site visitors to leave your site with a sense of familiarity.

Logos usually tend to show up on the top left side of your homepage since that’s where the user’s eyes are first drawn to. However, you can also choose to center your logo within the navigation bar.

Wherever you decide to place your logo, make sure it is large enough for your website visitors to spot quickly.

Your logo should stay consistent across your website, and don't forget to link your homepage to your logo so people can easily navigate back to the homepage by clicking on your logo!

A Call to Action aka CTA

A CTA is important because users need to be told what to do next.