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6 Key Features Your Homepage Should Have

The homepage is the first thing someone sees when they go to your website.

Website homepage design is essential to a site’s success, and this means including all the key elements from the get-go.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to six of the most common elements in website homepage design, why you should include them, and how to do it the right way.

Check out these 6 key features your homepage should have!

Let’s talk homepage features!

Logo and Branding

I included logo and branding elements together since they do go hand in hand.

Almost every website you go to has a logo. A logo is a way for people to recognize and remember your brand. You may even recognize a lot of business from their logos alone, which shows you the power of branding!

Logo placement is essential because your logo allows your site visitors to leave your site with a sense of familiarity.

Logos usually tend to show up on the top left side of your homepage since that’s where the user’s eyes are first drawn to. However, you can also choose to center your logo within the navigation bar.

Wherever you decide to place your logo, make sure it is large enough for your website visitors to spot quickly.

Your logo should stay consistent across your website, and don't forget to link your homepage to your logo so people can easily navigate back to the homepage by clicking on your logo!

A Call to Action aka CTA

A CTA is important because users need to be told what to do next.

The CTA can help the user want to dig deeper into your site. To do this, your CTA needs to hook the user right away.

A compelling CTA can draw visitors to the interior pages and initiate some sort of contact.

A few types of CTA's include:

  • Check out an article

  • Contact Page

  • A Freebie offer that collects their emails

  • Follow you on social media

  • Link to a FAQ page

  • Link to your services/ products

Whatever CTA you decide to go with, just make sure it stands out from the rest of the elements within your homepage.

Easy To Use Navigation Menus

If you focus on one thing from this article, I would suggest you note the importance of having an easy-to-use navigation menu!

The navigation menu is connected to the user experience, which can make or break a sale.

Navigation on a website is achieved by a collection of links that form the Website Navigation Menu or the Website Navigation Bar. This navigation menu or bar is usually the collection of links you see placed vertically on the left or horizontally near the top of the web page and sometimes on the footer of the web page.

Having an easy-to-use navigation menu on your homepage is a key feature because it encourages users to click on other links and dig deeper into your site.

Think of website navigation menus this way, if it’s clear and makes sense then people will know exactly where they need to go to get exactly what they want.

The navigation menu should be clear, simple, structured, clickable, and responsive.


People care about visuals and aesthetics. Your images can make or break users clicking on other aspects of your site.

Images make up a considerable portion of most website’s designs, including homepages. The images you choose should never be filler – they need to give visitors an idea of what you’re offering them and what your brand stands for.

Try to avoid the cookie-cutter stock images and include plenty of pictures that feature your services or products.

Images help users feel connected and ultimately help build their trust in you and your brand.

Make sure you optimize your images, so they don't slow down your site!


Your headline helps capture the user's attention by telling them what you offer within a couple of seconds.

You should be able to wrap up everything in 2-3 powerful sentences.

Follow these three key points when writing your homepage headline.

1. Be clear.

2. Write about the reader.

3. Invoke a sense of belonging.

Be intentional and stay on brand when writing your headline.

You can always outsource this task if you are not a strong writer. Consider hiring a professional copywriter to write your homepage headline.

A Way to Contact You

Whatever type of website you’re running, there’s one thing your homepage can’t forget, and that’s contact information. For businesses, you can go as far as including a phone number and address alongside email.

You can also consider adding a contact form to the bottom of your site that users can quickly fill out.

Key Features Your Homepage Should Have

There are many ways to set up your homepage, yet these 6 items are essential to include.

Some elements of excellent website homepage design include your logo, branding information, and an intro to your team and products. However, there’s much more you can and should cover if you want a great homepage.

Do you have any questions about best practices for website homepage design?

Let’s talk about them!

Contact me now to see how I can help you design the perfect website homepage for you and your business!


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