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5 things to do to have your website ready for 2021

Are you ready for 2021?

With the fresh start a new year brings, it’s the perfect time to dust off your site and give it some love.

After all, your website will only grow your business if it’s up to date, works well, speaks to your dream clients and invites your visitors to your email list and to work with you.

Here are 5 things you can do now to update your website:

1. Update your copyright details on your website

Most of us forget to update the copyright details on our website when a new year comes around.

But it’s worth to take 2 minutes to make sure it’s up to date. It helps you protect your content by letting people know how they can use it. Plus, it gives you more rights to fight a copyright infringement if someone DOES steal your work.

It also looks more professional and prevents confusion for visitors. They may see an out-of-date copyright notice and think your website or business isn’t current, especially during Covid with so many business closing down and operating differently.

Your copyright notice will generally include:

  • The word “Copyright” or the © symbol

  • The current year or the span of years you’ve been in business

  • Your business name

  • Any legal details you need to include, such as if you are an LLC

  • Links to your legal pages

2. Check your website legal information

While you’re updating your copyright info, it’s a good idea to check in on your website legal information. This helps ensure you’re protecting yourself and your business legally, check with your legar team for any updates you need on your private policies.

3. Check for broken links and fix anything that comes up

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a link you want to read only to find the page doesn’t work.

It’s not a good experience for your website visitors, and it’s also not great for Google. It makes it harder for Google to scan your website and it can even impact how well you show in search results.

Don’t worry, it won’t take you days of clicking on every single link on your website to test them all.

You can use a tool like Dr Link Check to scan your website for you instead, and it’s super quick and easy!

4. Test your contact forms

If your contact form breaks, you could be missing leads and opportunities without knowing.

You want to make sure that the contact forms people submit are actually ended up where you want them – in your inbox!

5. Test your newsletter sign forms

A perk of having newsletter sign-ups on your website is filling your email list with potential clients on autopilot.

The last thing you want is to find out it’s not working and you’re missing out on the opportunity to nurture your tribe. We don’t want those leads disappearing into the abyss of the internet!

I am here to help you with any updates your website needs. Just send me a message and lets talk.


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