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Do you want a website
your small business can
be proud of?

zega designs

we can do that for you!

Are you struggling in the online world? 

Do you hide your website from your clients or simply tell them "I am still working on It" ?

Are you struggling to get your business online?

Is the DIY website process taking too long?

Do you feel like you do not know where to start with your online business?

Do you feel overwhelmed with your business and have no time for your website?

You are in the right place 

Hi! I'm Tania
Let's meet

I am passionate about supporting and helping small businesses so they can succeed and realize their dreams!

Let's work together to get your online goals up and running.

Seville tania.jpeg
Young Businesswomen

If you want to start your online business or need to update your website, but don't have $1000s to do that

I offer a package that might be of interest for you!  

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