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Web Design 

A website is a powerful way to educate and connect with your customers. 



I know that professional web design can be a large investment up front, and that's not always an option on a new business income. This is why I am offering a subscription based model. With this plan, rather than paying a large design fee upfront, I build, design and maintain your dream website and all you do is pay a monthly subscription to keep your website live! The best part? With this plan I cover all your extra costs of owning a website and give you 4 hours monthly to update the designs. No annual domain fee, no monthly hosting or email fees. I will take care of all that for you! 

What this plan includes:

  • website design and creation

  • hosting

  • business email (Gsuite)

  • domain & renewals

  • 4 hours monthly for web design changes and updates

  • 12 month contract

  • SEO monthly updates

Monthly cost : $120.00

If you have a budget already set up for your website design this plan is for you. You will pay 50% up front for me to start working on your design and the remainder will be due when the website is complete, usually within 2-4 weeks. After completion I transfer the site to you. 

I do offer a maintenance and support plan if you ever do need help with your website. 

What this plan includes:

  • website design and creation

Starting price $499


MONTH TO MONTH  payment plan 

Full website design and all

fees are covered.

The best way to get your website up and going without emptying your pockets


ONLY $120  a month

website design

Multi-page website Including HOME, ABOUT, CONTACT, GALLERY AND SERVICE pages 

Your website will be mobile optimized, newsletter ready, have basic SEO and  social media integration. 

2-4 week time frame


website maintaince

Updating the website, removing or adding new elements or images, adding promotions, etc


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