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We create functioning Websites for SMALL BUSINESSES.

From stunning website designs to ready-to-sell digital products, we're here to make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality.


Your online presence is a place to educate, connect and sell to your customer.

Website Design

We create budget-friendly website design ensuring your business stays cost-effective while delivering a functional, visually appealing site for your clients.

Website Maintenance

This service will let you do what you do best, We will worry about making sure your website is up to date, and we will make changes as you request to your site.

Digital Designs

We create digital templates that you purchase once and resell forever!

Customize by changing colors, fonts, and graphics, OR resell as is!

Download 100 FREE  Instagram Post templates

100% customizable in canva
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Hi I 'm Tania

I am passionate about supporting and helping small businesses so they can succeed and realize their dreams!

I've been married for 30 years to the love of my life and we have 4 amazing children. I am originally from Mexico and live by the Rocky Mountains in Utah. We enjoy traveling the world together as a family. 

I have founded ZEGA Designs to help entrepreneurs create websites that help them achieve their goals and dreams! 

Soap Store Owner
Website design with
you in mind

Custom-made websites are designed and created just for you and your business needs. 

You can focus on your business and what you do best.  We will focus on getting you the website you need for your business.



Maintaining your website updated with the latest information about your company will continue to bring new clients

We offer a monthly service with the goal of helping you stay focused on what is important to you. 

This service will let you do what you do best, We will worry about making sure your website is up to date, and we will make

changes as you request to your site.

We also offer a service per project as needed. If you are only needing a

one-time service we can work with you. 


$150 USD

Have you ever thought about the benefits of reselling digital products with MRR or PLR resell rights?

  • Master resell rights (MRR) and private label rights (PLR) make it a breeze to start your own online business. No need to reinvent the wheel, just grab a product, put your spin on it, and you're good to go!

  • With MRR & PLR, you've got many product options at your fingertips. From eBooks to courses, there's something for everyone. It's like having a buffet of online business opportunities!

  • You're not starting from scratch. These products with master resell rights let you skip a lot of the expensive and time-consuming parts of product creation. It's like having a shortcut to the finish line

  • Once you set things up, it's like having a little money-making machine. You can keep selling these products over and over without constantly reinventing the wheel.

Rearview of a Woman

You can resell my pre-made, done-for-you digital products and pocket all of the profits.

All of my products come with master resell rights and private label rights - meaning you can resell as is OR edit & rebrand them and resell them as your own! (And pass on resell rights.)

This is for you.

…Even if you feel like you aren’t creative.

…Even if you feel like you don’t know where to start.

…Even if you aren’t sure about the specifics.

You can do this.

It's time to take that exciting leap into the realm of digital entrepreneurship.

You can shape your destiny and achieve financial freedom through reselling digital products.

It’s time to dream big.

Instant Access

After you checkout, you will automatically receive a PDF download to access your template links. You will also be sent an email with the download links!

Can I make changes?

Absolutely! You can make whatever changes you need!
You can add pages, delete pages, change colors, fonts, and graphics!

Resell as your own

The awesome bonus of master resell rights and all of my digital products: you get to soak up all the wisdom and turn them into your very own income producers by selling them as your own!

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